Paper Moulds for Sale.

These  were made by specialist companies supplying traditional handmade paper moulds to the English paper mills in the early 20th C. It is difficult to date them but we think they were probably made & used between 1900 & 1950.

The mould & deckle construction is traditional. English made moulds were considered superior because of the fine quality of craftsmanship exhibited in the joinery. The mould frames & deckles were made using West Indian Mahogany which makes them far less heavy to use than the New World mahogany used today.Professionally made paper moulds were made to make 100’s of sheets a day...every day...week in week out. Most of the moulds listed were used for special makings & therefore had lighter use.

The handmade paper moulds for sale together with technical information are listed on the main Griffen Mill site  here

An example of a mould for sale can be found below.

                                    The unique watermarked mould.

                                                          The Invitation Mould.