Watercolour Paper

Watercolour Papers.
Many modern watercolour papers are heavier in weight than those used in the 18th & 19th centuries & are optically brighter. In contrast, the first watercolour papers were much lighter in weight & the colours were far more subtle.

Early watercolour artists used a variety of papers & learnt to adapt their techniques to the paper that they could afford.This can been seen clearly when comparing the painting styles of JMW Turner who used a high quality paper with John Sell Cotman who generally used a softer & cheaper paper.  Turner used to advise his students to know their  paper for a very good reason.
The two Griffen Mill watercolour papers replicate  the harder type of paper preferred by Turner & the softer one used by Cotman. The paintings below show what can be achieved by each paper.

               Academy 1                                                                                                              Academy 2
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